Here at CompareLottos.com.au we love playing lotto just as much as you do. We compare lottos from Australia and overseas. Our aim is to provide you with a service that takes out any confusion when deciding on which lotto to play. We want to ensure you know all the facts and all of your options. This means that you can spend your money playing lottos in the best possible way.

Gone are the days where your only option was to line up at your local newsagency to buy a ticket into an Australian lottery. The internet has brought with it so many more lotto playing opportunities with access to the worlds biggest lotteries with the biggest jackpot in excess of $2bn! It’s exciting to be able to play huge international lotteries like MegaMillions, EuroMillions and El Gordo, but at the same time, with so many new choices it can get overwhelming and confusing trying to work out which lottery to play. We’re here to help you compare lottos.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to give you all the information we wish we had when we were trying to work out which lotto was best value for money and had the best chances of making a good return. We give you information on where you can safely buy lotto tickets online and review the benefits of each online seller, details on the major international lottos including odds, tax rates and more. We also know that the internet is filled with a heap of scams so we will only ever review or feature 100% legitimate online lottery sellers on our website, giving you total peace of mind.

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Is Gambling a Problem for You?

Please remember that playing lotteries is a form of gambling. We are totally committed to responsible gambling which means:

  • You play lotto or gamble for fun and entertainment but are aware of your likelihood of losing and understand the associated risks
  • You exercise control over the amount of lotto playing or gambling you partake in
  • Playing lotto or gambling is not causing problems for you, damaging or taking over your life

If you have a problem or you’re starting to develop a problem, please visit one of the websites below.


Or use a state based government support website such as:


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