The Lotter Review

Who is has been offering people the opportunity to purchase official lottery tickets from some of the biggest lotteries around the world for the last 15 years. They are a ticket purchasing service with over 20 local offices worldwide. It’s these local offices that purchase lottery tickets from official lottery retailers on players’ behalf. The website gives players the opportunity to play in 49 worldwide lotteries. These include huge jackpot lotteries like the U.S Mega Millions, Euro Millions, El Gordo and of course Australian lotteries. Continue reading for the full The Lotter review.

Although TheLotter isn’t an accredited agent for each of the lotteries, because they are purchasing official tickets through their local office for the lottery of that country, their office is technically the winner and they simply forward your wins onto you. After you purchase an entry into a game, you’ll receive a scan of your official ticket.

The sign-up process couldn’t be easier – all you need to enter is your email address and a password to start. Playing games is very easy with explanations on how to play available for each game. Unlike other sites, you can’t choose the exact number of games you want to play as there are predetermined multiples eg. 4, 8, 12. However, the multiples on offer should be fine for most players.

Benefits of TheLotter

The thing that makes TheLotter really attractive is their VIP club program which can save you up to 20%. Players earn VIP points for every dollar spent. There are tiers of savings from Bronze tier at 4.6% to Diamond tier at 20%. The more you spend, the greater the % discount you’ll receive. You can also make further savings by buying multi draw (multi week) tickets. Also available are‘Bundles’ which are a cost effective packages that combine personal entry tickets with syndicate shares. Every Bundle is tailor-made with the number of lines and the number and type of syndicates vary depending on the lottery and Bundle. These loyalty discounts and bonuses really make TheLotter an easy and cost effective way to play lotto.


There are a lot of resources available on the website which are very helpful. They include past results for each game and interesting information about taxation laws for each country that you really need to know. Did you know that if you won lotto in the UK then you’d take home the entire amount, whereas if you won a U.S lotto you could pay as much as 44% in tax! Information like this can help you make informed decisions about which lottery can give you the best return on your spend after tax. The site regularly has news articles on lotto winners and their stories. These are always a good read and give you motivation to keep playing so that you can win lotto too! Whilst the website is super easy to use, you can also opt to download the app for Apple or Android devices. is open to all Australians, regardless of which state you reside in. This wraps up our The Lotter review, we hope you’ve found it helpful.

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