SuperStar Lotto

Italy’s SuperStar Lotto has three draws every week taking place on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday nights. It’s an exciting variation of the famous Super Ena Lotto lottery that adds an extra €2 million on top of Super Ena Lotto’s jackpot, an extra €1 million for division 2, and multiplies other division prizes by 25-100 times just by matching the SuperStar number! Super Ena Lotto has had some major jackpots on offer including €71,767,565 (approx. $102 million) in 2005, €100,756,197 (approx. $143 million) in 2008, €147,807,299 (approx. $210 million) in 2009, and its whopping record jackpot of €177,800,000 (approx. $252 million) in 2010. In total there are 14 prize divisions so players can win a prize by just guessing one number!

How to Play

For Super Ena Lotto, six main numbers are drawn from a machine containing 90 balls numbered from 1 to 90, as well as one ‘Jolly’ number which acts as a bonus or supplementary number which is used to decide the winner of the second prize division. The Super Star lucky number is selected from a separate machine also with 90 balls. To win, match the six numbers as well as the Super Star number.


In Italy, there are 5 tax brackets on lottery wins. The first tier is tax-free on winnings up to €100. For tier 2: Between €100.01-€300 is subject to a flat tax of €1.03. Tier 3: Between €300.01-€500 is subject to a flat tax of €3.10. Tier 4: Between €500.01-€1,000 is subject to a flat tax of €3.10 plus a tax rate of 6%. The final tier 5: Winnings over €1,000.01 are subject to a flat tax of €6.20 plus a tax rate of 6%. We all hate paying tax but a maximum of 6% on millions would hardly be noticed right?

Odds of Winning

Odds of winning a prize are 1 in 20, and the odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 56,035,316,700.

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