Australian Lotteries

Despite Australia’s relatively small population, us Aussies really love our lotteries which has resulted in Australia having a raft of lottery games, some with world class jackpot prizes. There’s a great variety of Australian lotteries including raffle type and lucky number lotteries. Lucky Lotteries work very much like a traditional raffle. Whereas Oz Lotto is very much a traditional lottery. We’ve taken the best from overseas with Powerball originating from the USA.

Some of our lotteries often have staggering jackpots up for grabs, drawing attention from across the globe. Oz Lotto holds the record for the two biggest jackpot wins in Australian history. In 2009 a $106 million jackpot was won, and in 2012 Oz Lotto broke its own record when a $112 million jackpot was won.

The great thing about Australian lotteries is that they support local charities and community organisations. In fact, just in 2016 over $1.1 billion went toward supporting these organisations helping to make our communities better. Even if you play and don’t win, you can still feel good that you’re helping your community.

Australian Lotto Summary

Below is a summary of the Australian lotteries we love to play. Click on your favourite to see more information including odds of winning.

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