Lottoland Review

Lottoland is a relatively new online lottery service in Australia, launching in 2016 but has become an instant favourite because of the absolutely massive European and US lotteries it gives Aussies access to. There are many Lottoland review websites with conflicting information. Read our Lottoland review for all the facts. Lottoland gives access to the biggest global lotteries including Mega Millions, Euro Millions, Euro Jackpot, El Gordo and UK Lotto. These lotteries sometimes have jackpots over AU$1 billion (that’s not a typo, we mean BILLION). It’s an innovative way of accessing global lotteries in that you’re not actually purchasing a ticket into the official draw. Instead you are betting on the results of the draw (this is commonly referred to as lotto betting). The reason for this is that most global lotteries are only open to residents of that country or state.

All wins are fully guaranteed with jackpots underwritten by major insurance firms. So you can be assured that you’ll be paid, even if you win one of the mammoth jackpots! Even though you are lotto betting, you still play the games exactly as you would if you were buying an official ticket. You still pick your numbers in the same way, and you can even have a systems entry or join a syndicate. You are betting to win the same jackpots and divisional prizes available. Prize money for each division mirrors the official lottery draw, including the jackpot. In fact, Lottoland regularly runs promotions offering bigger jackpots than the lottery draw itself.

Who is Lottoland?

Lottoland is completely legitimate, holding gaming licenses in both the UK and Gibraltar. They have offices in Sydney and Darwin and also hold an online sports betting license. The license is issued by the Northern Territory of Australia under the Racing and Betting Act 1983 (NT) which allows them to accept wagers by telephone and their website/app. Australian residents (excluding South Australians unfortunately) can bet on any lottery offered on Lottoland. If you are a resident of South Australia you can still enter these massive global lottos through websites like and

Benefits of Lottoland

Lottoland is a cost effective way of accessing your favourite lotto, and cheaper than most other websites or buying a ticket into Australian lotteries at a newsagency or agent. For example, buying 10 standard games in Australian Powerball will cost you AU$9.00 at Lottoland where if you buy a ticket at a newsagency or agent the cost is $9.30. Another benefit of Lottoland is that there are always promotions running such as discounts, free games, bonuses, and even double jackpots – this makes them even better value for money! They offer a great feature called NumberShield which allows players to protect their numbers in the event of a jackpot win. When this feature is activated, players win the full jackpot, even if other players chose the same numbers. Why share when you take home the entire jackpot! Only one player can select the NumberShield feature for a specific set of numbers.


You can find information on each of the lotteries as well as how each game works. You can also find the results of each lottery on the website.

The website is easy to use, and even easier is the Lottoland app available for Apple and Android. Whether you use the website or the apps, payment options are easy. Secure payment can be made by major credit cards, BPay, and Paypal.


Lottoland is perfect for you if you want a chance to bet on Australian and HUGE global lotteries. Its very competitive pricing combined with ongoing promotions make it the smart players choice. We hope you’ve found our Lottoland review helpful!

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